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These copy-cat earthing products are often much inferior in quality, tend to fail quickly and do not contain either the right quality of Silver Yarn, nor the quantity of Silver required to make them truly conductive. Purported Earthing health benefits. Knock-on effects are said to include alleviated chronic pain, improved sleep, and normalising circadian rhythms.

However, please read Earthing Considerations before purchase. Current biomedical research has led to an inflammation hypothesis that is establishing chronic inflammation as the culprit behind almost every modern chronic illness. Sleep earthed, sleep safe! Also Unique to Equilbra: Earthing Garments, taking Earthing to a whole new level — enhance the benefits of Earthing, target specific areas of the body that may be in pain or discomfort, or in need of direct Earthing support.

Is it really worth saving a few pounds buying something that may not even work, let alone puts you at potential risk of electric shock? No, it is not!

If you want the best and safest Earthing Products then you need to buy the original Patented Earthing Products developed by Clint Ober, Author of the best-selling book: Earthing. See below for more details. As important as Earthing for all round health!

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All living organisms of planet Earth have naturally evolved and developed thanks to a healthy ionized environment. Air ionization is, and has been, one of the most important conditions for the normal development of highly organised life. Just as we have lost our connection with the Earth, we are today also working against nature by living and working in buildings that deprive us of an adequate level of health-supporting highly energised.

Air filtration systems, Air Conditioning, Chemtrails, Smog and the plethora of electronic equipment we have all add to the deprivation of natural ionized air essential to health and well being.

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Today we are now literally breathing in dead air detrimental to life. These are no ordinary Ionizers. These ionizers reproduce the Small Air Ions that are essential to all life, supporting EVERY biological system of the body, especially the respiratory. No other Ionizer can do this. Also destroys airborne bacteria, viruses, fungi and allergens.

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This captivating documentary follows a National Geographic filmmaker who finds relief from pain and aches using the earth as a healing conduit source of free electrons. Helping his community in Alaska, he expands his circle of people who are eager to learn about the effects of grounding. Mercola, and other leaders, naturalists, and health visionaries.

Then you can avoid any potential disappointment with your earthing experience!

This forms a part of our Reconnecting with Nature Naturally philosophy. Additionally, we have been looking after our customers since and we offer additional savings with Coupon Codes issued with every order! See below for access to Coupon Codes. We can also tailor-make any Earthing Package at discount to help get you started, and, Unique to Equilibra, we also offer Earthing Socks and Earthing Garments which take Earthing to a whole new level.

Therefore, not only do we offer the widest range of Earthing Products at the best prices, we also offer many earthing options that are totally unique to Equilibra. Plus many Health Related Products and a lot more. Scroll down for more information. Dirty Electricity DE Filters coming soon! Reconnecting with Nature Naturally — Our Ethos. This has to be the Medical Innovation of the Century. In keeping with how Nature works, this incredible technology uses the principle behind Photosynthesis to allow the Blood to transport more oxygen to every cell and organ, and also helps the Cells to utilise more oxygen and more efficiently.

Increases cellular oxygenation — very important — and significantly increases intracellular ATP formation, all of which is of great benefit to the whole body and every biological system of the body from Cell to Skin.

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Bipolar Ionizers — Best Ionizers in the world. L4: Apprentice. Received a call from them today and offered me this promotion, I declined and then they offered me 3 months for the price of 1 month. I still declined since I have 3 free months and I usually use Pandora. L6: Expert.

Sirius XM welcome back offer- $19.99 for 5 months or $24.99 for 6 months+no activation fee.

Quote from heftylefty58 :. L2: Beginner. The one thing that keeps me from doing this is the "auto renew" thing. I just don't want to deal with that. I think they'd make a lot more money if they didn't do that scammy crap. L8: Grand Teacher. It just took me 45 minutes, however I was able to get the I asked for the Thanks OP and repped! L7: Teacher. Dear XM, I will never forget the time i signed up for the 1 year free promo which lasted for less than 2 weeks. Good bye. Quote from mdbrown :.

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Last edited by newjerseygirl September 4, at AM. Evil Spell Caster. I love Sirius XM. Right now I'm in a free 3 month trial but I will try the "I want to cancel" trick after that's up. SiriusXM sells your info to the scammers who call about extended warranties on your car. Yes they do. Never got those calls until I signed up with Sirius.

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